The Art of Lettering




Last week I had the pleasure of taking my first calligraphy class with the uber talented Liz of Calligraphy Boston. I arrived at her South Street studio to a table set up with individual place settings, instruction cards, pens,  name cards and goodie bags for each student. Her adorable office felt like a real life Pinterest board, she had examples of her work all over her walls, I couldn’t wait to get started! After a brief overview and show and tell we got right to work on – with small class sizes you get the perfect amour of 1-1 attention and work time.


I learned so much I couldn’t possibly tell you all of it without being boring and certainly not doing the class justice.

She explained:

  • each letter has hairlines and — lines (thick and thin) and they are created by using different amounts of pressure on the pen
  • you must sit with the paper at 45 degree angel and your elbow on the table
  • its hard, you have to practice, a ton

Liz was such a good teacher, she had us trace the letters on the worksheets and told us the more you do this the better you will get for more than the obvious for muscle memory and equipped us with take home papers with numbered strokes. One of the best parts I just have to mention is the ridiculous amount if goodies you get to take home and practice with – the pen, ink, paper, pre cut cards to make things with – none of which I knew about before! If you want to take Liz class just click over to her website and pick a date – its as easy as that!







Natural Glow

As a strong believer that everything in life is a little “better” with a tan, I find myself constantly in limbo, knowing the damaging effects the sun can have on your body, I like to go for the next best thing, spray tan! I feel skinner, my teeth whiter, my lips worthy of latest shade of lipstick, my confidence lifted, you see, when you are confident, everything looks a shade or two better.

I have posted in the past about my fav at home spray tan in  a can – perfect for an every day boost of “better”, but some occasions call for a bit more. Sometimes you need a full body spray, that’s right, a stand there naked while the magician makes you ten shades of better.



Lucky for me, Natural Glow Salon moved just around the corner from my Northend apartment. In just 15 min I feel like a new woman! In prep for my tan I showered, exfoliated, shaved and moisturizer as much as possible, went to the Salon in the with loose pants and a what I thought to be a loose shirt… After standing in front of the fans drying for a few min post spray, I knew the shirt wouldnt do, so I put on my winter jacket, sans bra and shirt, zipped it up and skipped home to let it soak in just a bit more.

Tomorrow morning I will shower off the bronzer and be left with a perfectly natural looking glow! If you live in the Boston area you have to make an appointment – after all, everything in life is a little better with a tan!

The Haunting of my Finances

I find my self listing out weekly what each of my credit card balances are and the APR rate – even though this doesnt change much week to week, I find a sense of control in at least knowing how deep I have dug myself.

I want to start a new list, one that shows more where this hard earned money is going, if this were a science experiment I would start with a hypothesis:

1. clothing

2. food

3. booze

4. stella dot

5. getting people to do what I want (meaning, come out with me pleaseeeeeee, ill buy your beers)

Above all of this is the cost of living in the Northend of Boston and having crazy high student loans. I know between my salary and the bar shifts I work I CAN do this and it will feel so so good to have $0 credit card debit. So here, I am saying it out loud, right here, right now, I am going to be SO frugal, pack lunches, eat at home, make my stella dot business back into a business and STOP paying for people to hang out with me.


Traditional Appreciation

I have lived in the north end of Boston since the summer of 2007, I have always felt safe, always been entertained and never taken for granted the smell of the ocean when I step out of my front door. I do have to admit, there are times, when the tourists and the festivals that block the streets overwhelm me, and maybe even a selfish time when I just wanted a few more hours of sleep before the marching band starts outside my window. Today was different, today I was for the first time truly intrigued by St. Anthony’s Festival.

image_1 image_2photo Seeing all the local Northenders filled with pride and love for the annual ceremony opened my eyes (and honestly pinged me with a bit of guilt) to appreciate how luck I am to constantly be exposed to traditions different than my own. What are some different traditions you have been lucky enough to experience or spectate?

xo -F



Denver CO: Highlands

We stayed in CO for 2 nights with Baileys family who took hospitality to a new level. They were so excited to have her and you could tell from the first nights dinner, to the family BBQ planned to the list of places we should plug into our GPS and explore downtown and the highlands which was a oh so chic version of what I would maybe compare to South End in Boston. It was made up of the most adorable consignment shops, jewelry boutiques and even a card store with precious little prints.


One boutique in particular caught my eye called KISMET – they had their manifesto hung from the wall behind the register and the most fabulous displays I have ever seen, like this one below!

IMG_4050 Bailey and I both made matching charm bracelets with the word “believe” and the Hamsa hand with the evil eye in the center.


Not to mention they ask all customers if they want to round up their purchase to go to the charity of the month and they match that! How great!!!!


I loved EVERYTHING about this little shop!



I thought I got over the worst heartbreak…

To My One True Love,

Its funny I thought I had gotten over the worst heart break I would ever have – they say your 1st love is the worst, not because you LOVE them the MOST but because its the first time you experience the heartache of a break up. I think I realized “Mr” wasn’t my first true love, in fact the relationship I had with him never would have happened if it werent for my TRUE first love, you, I don’t know why it took this long, I mean its been over 7 years. I still remember the day we met, I was so nervous, I threw up on the way to meet you, my parents and sister were there, and of course my high school best friend V, you introduced me to the two other best friends I couldn’t live with out when I moved into a dorm looking over the Boston Common. My love for you grew as I got a job at the 21st Amendment, which when I started as a 18 year old, I could NEVER have imagined the opportunities I would get or more importantly the people I would meet.

I went to my first Bruins game, my first Celtics game, countless Red Sox games (I still get butterflies every time I walk into Fenway). It sounds so bad but you introduced me to the man who I thought was my first love, I traveled, I fell in lust, I laughed, I cried (too much), I laughed so hard I cried…

You taught me to think twice before you move, that most couches (esp the huge one I had to have as a Sophomore) don’t fit into the old stairways of the Northend, and no matter how much you think you can do on your own, moving is IMPOSSIBLE with out a mans help.

You taught me life lessons, some hard ones, I found out I was sick … you introduced me to the best doctors and specialists.

Marathon Monday which I have enjoyed with you so many times before, is the day I realized you are my first love, because the heartache I feel from the Boston Marathon is so much worse than anything I thought was love before.  I can still here sirens outside the window, its been 3 days… I can’t beleive it takes someone hurting you for me to realize how much you mean to me.


You my Boston have made me who I am today, and I will forever be grateful. I will stand by you and everything you mean to so many people.

All my love, -F

As president Obama said, Boston is a tough and resilient town and so are its people…

Rockin Spring Bling



Stella Dot Spring Collection is out of this world… I have been so CRAZY busy I haven’t had a chance to share much of it…

A few pieces I am OBSESSED with are… this Fiona Bib Necklacefionabib_118

Katheen Necklace

This ancient symbol of womanhood shines in layered looks.


I wear the Kimberly Necklace ALL the time

Eden Bracele81bd4f56659d942ca9ad32ecc5d4d52eI Still have a few dates open in march for Stella & Dot Trunk Shows. Book with me on one of the “red door” dates and get a special piece of jewelry that’s written inside! My gift to you!

If you don’t live in the Boston area, no problem, we can host an online trunk show!!



A weekend fit for a queen

While this weekend was for V’s birthday – I think I would call it top 10 weekends for meee! Friday night we met a few of my friends after work then headed to Southie where we dinned at Paramount South Boston, one of the amazing restaurants I used to work for. Chef Gabe was there and brought out countless dishes for us to try.

IMG_0960 (800x600) 111urlWe rang in the big 25 across the street with Irish Car Bombs. YUM.

Saturday evening we headed back to Southie to new-ish restaurant called Local 149. With the edgy hipster feel the food and drinks were outstanding.

url1 url ur2We headed to a few other places and ended Sat night at Whiskey Priest with all of our friends from home!  There is just something about being in the comfort of the people you grew up with that feels so good.

Sunday was supposed to be the real birthday party – it was a day brunch at Gem Night Club. We did something similar to this in NYC at Lavo and its one of those that will go in my “once in a lifetime” buckets. Gem wasnt bad though, it was actually pretty fun. Great DJs, the best friends, drinks flowing…. made for quite the Sunday funday… I have to say… work on Monday isnt so hot.


photo weekend


Design Salon: You’re always selling


I attended the design salon at twelve chairs this week with my friend molly in an attempt to get molly the kick in the butt she needs to apply to designs school and selfishly to finally meet the gorg Erin Gates of Elements of Style (while also trying to invite people to the Bona Clara launch party).

Erin and her amazing hubby Andrew discussed the sales side of business. He touched on a few key points:

  • you don’t have to sell to everyone
  • let the customer lead the convo – everyone loves talking about themselves
  • be confident in your product (even if thats you)
  • read marketing books not sales ones

Over all be genuine and caring. Develop a relationship with your potential customer and figure out how you can help them. It was a great discussion but I cant help but mention their chemistry. They are just perfect! Balance each other out perfectly, Erin is a self proclaimed, insecure, pessimistic, worrywart and Andrew its an optimistic, confident, sales man.

I left Monday evening with an extra pep in my step. Knowing I really can do anything I want and I will blog till I get there (and after)… not that I even know what I want really… I cant wait for the next design salon!!

Design Salon: Korn Design


My friend Sarah Winchester invited me to the Design Salon, a group of professional women (sorry boys) who work in design related businesses who meet once a month to talk about design, business and all things between. Of course I jumped at the chance to be surrounded by talented, smart, strong woman entrepreneurs.

 Denise Korn of Korn Design was the featured speaker. It was intimate and cozy as we listened to Karen talk about everything from her favorite projects to how she determined the value of her work and what to charge to advice on starting your own business.

The underlying theme seemed to be “keeping it real” she said there is “no secret sauce” and that you have to find what works for you when it comes to time management.

“Don’t position yourself as a commodity, find what you are good at and stick with that” she said. When you bid on a job if you are the cheapest they will probably think that you are the least qualified…. As a rule of thumb I was once told if you can get 3 people in a row to pay what you say you are worth then its time to increase your price!

One of the questions that a woman who owns an online magazine was “I am not good with the business side of the company, do you think I should take on a partner with a business development specialty?” Denise response was surprising to me – as she sat back in her chair she said “I am so sick of design oriented people opening their own business and saying they don’t have a clue about the business aspect of it” – she said “if you don’t want to mind the store then don’t open your own business”. I was so surprised by this – assuming everyone cant be good at everything so you should hire people that are strong in the areas you lack. It makes so much sense though, I think about my mother for example who always used this excuse with her custom window treatment business. She never knew what was going on and it drove me nuts!!!!


The next Design Salon will be held on April 27th at Mohr McPherson – the featured speaker, Marni Katz will tell us how to get some buzz and keep it!