I thought I got over the worst heartbreak…

To My One True Love,

Its funny I thought I had gotten over the worst heart break I would ever have – they say your 1st love is the worst, not because you LOVE them the MOST but because its the first time you experience the heartache of a break up. I think I realized “Mr” wasn’t my first true love, in fact the relationship I had with him never would have happened if it werent for my TRUE first love, you, I don’t know why it took this long, I mean its been over 7 years. I still remember the day we met, I was so nervous, I threw up on the way to meet you, my parents and sister were there, and of course my high school best friend V, you introduced me to the two other best friends I couldn’t live with out when I moved into a dorm looking over the Boston Common. My love for you grew as I got a job at the 21st Amendment, which when I started as a 18 year old, I could NEVER have imagined the opportunities I would get or more importantly the people I would meet.

I went to my first Bruins game, my first Celtics game, countless Red Sox games (I still get butterflies every time I walk into Fenway). It sounds so bad but you introduced me to the man who I thought was my first love, I traveled, I fell in lust, I laughed, I cried (too much), I laughed so hard I cried…

You taught me to think twice before you move, that most couches (esp the huge one I had to have as a Sophomore) don’t fit into the old stairways of the Northend, and no matter how much you think you can do on your own, moving is IMPOSSIBLE with out a mans help.

You taught me life lessons, some hard ones, I found out I was sick … you introduced me to the best doctors and specialists.

Marathon Monday which I have enjoyed with you so many times before, is the day I realized you are my first love, because the heartache I feel from the Boston Marathon is so much worse than anything I thought was love before.  I can still here sirens outside the window, its been 3 days… I can’t beleive it takes someone hurting you for me to realize how much you mean to me.


You my Boston have made me who I am today, and I will forever be grateful. I will stand by you and everything you mean to so many people.

All my love, -F

As president Obama said, Boston is a tough and resilient town and so are its people…