Traditional Appreciation

I have lived in the north end of Boston since the summer of 2007, I have always felt safe, always been entertained and never taken for granted the smell of the ocean when I step out of my front door. I do have to admit, there are times, when the tourists and the festivals that block the streets overwhelm me, and maybe even a selfish time when I just wanted a few more hours of sleep before the marching band starts outside my window. Today was different, today I was for the first time truly intrigued by St. Anthony’s Festival.

image_1 image_2photo Seeing all the local Northenders filled with pride and love for the annual ceremony opened my eyes (and honestly pinged me with a bit of guilt) to appreciate how luck I am to constantly be exposed to traditions different than my own. What are some different traditions you have been lucky enough to experience or spectate?

xo -F