I am surrounded by the BEST

Today seems surreal – I had a scheduled doctors appointment with Dr. N. I didn’t have to wait as long as usual. I walked in, took my seat, we went over all the results from the last blood work – talked about how I was feeling and then he said… “Your labs are remarkable, you are officially in remission.” It didn’t process right away … I feel like I have been told so many things so many times I don’t even want to feel anything anymore. Karen, the director of the infusion clinic and Dr. N right hand woman came in and Dr. N told her the news, he seemed so excited, they both did. I had some tests done and I walked out the door and I felt nothing still. I know this is huge, I know that since Nov 2011 I have been really sick – sometimes much worse than others, but all in all, I wasn’t looking to hot.

I called Val, told her the news, she paused, I could tell she was so happy, she was almost choking on her words (something that doesn’t happen to her too often) … I called Memre of course she had 1000 questions. I called my Dad, he was the most excited of them all. He was loud and happy and I know when he said “this is the best news we have had in a long time,” he meant it. I still didn’t feel much. I went back to the office, told the girls I work with they were so happy, I told my boss and she even hugged me. It all felt so good but inside of me – I still didn’t feel anything much.

Then social media kicks on I see Facebook status and tweets that look like this:

twitter fb

and then all of a sudden I felt something … I felt what it means to really love people and have people that love you. Reading this I know they feel genuine happiness and excitement. I know because its how I feel when they tell me things.

Last week when I attended Hoopla, the national conference for Stella Dot, one of the keynote speakers said he is the “luckiest man because of the woman in his life” … that sentence is resigning with me tonight. I know, I am the LUCKIEST girl, because of the people in my life, that I choose to surround myself with, that I love more than anything.

Today marks a new chapter – I am so excited to write the next one!


A weekend fit for a queen

While this weekend was for V’s birthday – I think I would call it top 10 weekends for meee! Friday night we met a few of my friends after work then headed to Southie where we dinned at Paramount South Boston, one of the amazing restaurants I used to work for. Chef Gabe was there and brought out countless dishes for us to try.

IMG_0960 (800x600) 111urlWe rang in the big 25 across the street with Irish Car Bombs. YUM.

Saturday evening we headed back to Southie to new-ish restaurant called Local 149. With the edgy hipster feel the food and drinks were outstanding.

url1 url ur2We headed to a few other places and ended Sat night at Whiskey Priest with all of our friends from home!  There is just something about being in the comfort of the people you grew up with that feels so good.

Sunday was supposed to be the real birthday party – it was a day brunch at Gem Night Club. We did something similar to this in NYC at Lavo and its one of those that will go in my “once in a lifetime” buckets. Gem wasnt bad though, it was actually pretty fun. Great DJs, the best friends, drinks flowing…. made for quite the Sunday funday… I have to say… work on Monday isnt so hot.


photo weekend


Birthday Extravaganza Weekend

TGIF – I never say that – usually because I work on the weekend at some point and lately they just haven’t been all that exciting. I am truly looking forward to this weekend. I am kicking it off  with a hair appointment at the ultra professional Jeffery Lyle Salon on after work JL-newsite-1

(courtesy of Jefferylylesalon.com)

then out to celebrate with a few friends from work + then to my fav part of boston … Southie 🙂
Saturday (i am working so lets skip that) marks the 25th bday of my BFFL! WOOOO

Yes we still celebrate like we are 21 accept we are 25 and can handle our booze (and go drink for drink) as well as the next guy. My BFFL turns 25 this Sunday and we are heading to GEM nightclub for a little partay brunch on Sunday! I am SOOO looking forward to it!!


Its crazy to think we have been friends for 10 years but I wouldn’t change a single thing. What do you guys have planned for the weekend?