The Haunting of my Finances

I find my self listing out weekly what each of my credit card balances are and the APR rate – even though this doesnt change much week to week, I find a sense of control in at least knowing how deep I have dug myself.

I want to start a new list, one that shows more where this hard earned money is going, if this were a science experiment I would start with a hypothesis:

1. clothing

2. food

3. booze

4. stella dot

5. getting people to do what I want (meaning, come out with me pleaseeeeeee, ill buy your beers)

Above all of this is the cost of living in the Northend of Boston and having crazy high student loans. I know between my salary and the bar shifts I work I CAN do this and it will feel so so good to have $0 credit card debit. So here, I am saying it out loud, right here, right now, I am going to be SO frugal, pack lunches, eat at home, make my stella dot business back into a business and STOP paying for people to hang out with me.