Tan Towel: Look Good Naked

As a sun worshiper and former skin care industry employee I am constantly at battle with myself. I LOVE the way a tan makes me look and feel but I know the dangers and its just not worth it, which leads me on the hunt for the safest and most natural looking self tanner’s out there. For the last several years I have been using spray can which I have been able to get away with just spraying parts of my body with, my chest for example if I have a long sleeve V neck on, I swear it brings my confidence up about 5 notches, but looks silly nakie!


Last week I was searching for something that would work a bit better all over my body. I had watched an infomercial on TanTowel and had to try it. Let me warn you, typically when I buy “as seen on TV” products, they either never arrives or is crap.

I am so glad I did!! There was a light scent (I have yet to find any tanning products with NO sent) and was not greasy at all, it did take a few moments to seep into my skin  After a few hours I was left with a subtle, natural and even looking glow! I am still searching for that perfect tan with out chemicals, I know it’s better than a tanning booth or laying oil soaked out in the sun but it’s not good for you. I would love to hear anyones recommendations!



Natural Glow

As a strong believer that everything in life is a little “better” with a tan, I find myself constantly in limbo, knowing the damaging effects the sun can have on your body, I like to go for the next best thing, spray tan! I feel skinner, my teeth whiter, my lips worthy of latest shade of lipstick, my confidence lifted, you see, when you are confident, everything looks a shade or two better.

I have posted in the past about my fav at home spray tan in  a can – perfect for an every day boost of “better”, but some occasions call for a bit more. Sometimes you need a full body spray, that’s right, a stand there naked while the magician makes you ten shades of better.



Lucky for me, Natural Glow Salon moved just around the corner from my Northend apartment. In just 15 min I feel like a new woman! In prep for my tan I showered, exfoliated, shaved and moisturizer as much as possible, went to the Salon in the with loose pants and a what I thought to be a loose shirt… After standing in front of the fans drying for a few min post spray, I knew the shirt wouldnt do, so I put on my winter jacket, sans bra and shirt, zipped it up and skipped home to let it soak in just a bit more.

Tomorrow morning I will shower off the bronzer and be left with a perfectly natural looking glow! If you live in the Boston area you have to make an appointment – after all, everything in life is a little better with a tan!