The most beautiful views…

On the way from Denver CO to Salt Lake City UT we made a few stops. The first being Vail or just outside of it – to have breakfast with one of Baileys high school girldfriends. It was so beautiful driving through Vail, even with out snow you can just image the fabulous condos with a white covering. IMG_4261 IMG_4096

We continued on our route until Grand Junction, which Baileys Aunt Vic said was a MUST SEE – even over the Grand Canyon! She told us to follow the signs for the Colorado National Monument and then take Ottos Trail which is just a short walk down a path. She made it sound so simple! Which it really was but of course … one wrong turn and we were at least 40 min out of the way. (Disclamer: this is one of the only times we got lost). Once we figured out the way into the park and up to Ottos Trail it was WELL WORTH IT. The views were breath taking and I am pretty sure there is no picture that could begin to do the views justice. IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4110



Downtown Denver in Just a Few Hours!

Making our way to downtown Denver we stopped at a super cute local breakfast / lunch spot near the Baseball district, called Snooze where I had a delicious Bloody Mary and Bailey had a local beerIMG_4033

Everything seemed so warm, fuzzy and hipster… even the bottom of the check!IMG_4037

We made our way up to the 16th Street Mall. A tourist trap in downtown Denver for sure. There were VERY few stores and eaterys unique to CO, in fact we came across almost all chains besides one called The Mellow Mushroom.

We popped in for a small bite and a tasting flight or 2 of local brews! Which were delicious!

IMG_4265 IMG_4045

Not only did they have 40 beers on tap but they also had 10 different infused Vodkas! One of which was called Hoopla, which is of course what I was just in Vegas for with the fabulous ladies of Stella Dot!! IMG_4048IMG_4046

On the drive back to Baileys Aunts we drove through the Red Rock Amphitheater which is in close by MorrisonColorado. There is a large, rock behind the stage, a huge vertical rock angled outwards and a seating area for up to 9,450 people! There was a concert happening in a few hours so we weren’t able to get in and walk around but even the drive through was impressive!

IMG_4061 IMG_4062


Denver CO: Highlands

We stayed in CO for 2 nights with Baileys family who took hospitality to a new level. They were so excited to have her and you could tell from the first nights dinner, to the family BBQ planned to the list of places we should plug into our GPS and explore downtown and the highlands which was a oh so chic version of what I would maybe compare to South End in Boston. It was made up of the most adorable consignment shops, jewelry boutiques and even a card store with precious little prints.


One boutique in particular caught my eye called KISMET – they had their manifesto hung from the wall behind the register and the most fabulous displays I have ever seen, like this one below!

IMG_4050 Bailey and I both made matching charm bracelets with the word “believe” and the Hamsa hand with the evil eye in the center.


Not to mention they ask all customers if they want to round up their purchase to go to the charity of the month and they match that! How great!!!!


I loved EVERYTHING about this little shop!