Come n’ get it – Stella Dot Sample Sale

Part of my purging the “stuff in my room” to create a more adult room – I am so sad to say has to be some of my Stella Dot… but that’s good news for all of you because of course I am parting with my pieces at a discount!

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in any samples!                                         Please note these are samples used in my Stella Dot display. None of which have any signs of wear.     Non-Sample, never touched pieces are clearly marked.


Serenity Necklace: dyed jade with smooth glass and faceted stones set in hand hammered bezels hang from an oval link chain. 16″ length. Originally $198, Sample Sale $100.


Madeline Pearl Necklace: Original Price $108, Sample Sale Price $50

Serenity Small Stone Pendant-Close Up (1)-thumb-350x659-5368

Serenity Small Stone Pendant: single hand cut, faceted aqua glass teardrop stone se in hammered bezel adorns an airy gold plated link chain 17″ with 2″ extender. Original Price $49. Sample Sale price $25.


Jolie Necklace: Original Price $79, Sample Sale Price $40


Olivia Bib Necklace: Original Price $118 – Not on Sale – Not a sample


Compari Necklace: Original Price $128, Sample Sale $70


Maldives Necklace: Original Price $118 – NOT a SAMLPE


Hematite Link Chain Necklace, Original Price $79, Sale Price $60


Anabelle Necklace Rose Gold, Original Price $69, Sale Price $50


Alice Temperley is a famous British designer,  known for combining femininity with cool Britannia sensibilities. She’s reigned over the London fashion scene for the past decade with an impressive celeb following including Beyonce and Kate + Pippa Middelton. Original Price: $44 Not a Sale Item


Silver on the Mark Necklace, New, Not Sale Item $49


La Folie Necklace: Original Price $49, Sample Price $25


Alice Temperly for Stella Dot Fox Necklace: Sample Sale: $35

Unknown-3Alice Temperly for Stella Dot, Wonderlust Charm Bracelet: Originally $98


Eleanor Bangle, Original Price $98, Sample Sale Price $50

UnknownEleanor Bangle, Original Price $98, Sample Sale Price $50


Lindsay Bangle: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30


Carrie Bangles: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30


Enamel Bangle: Sample Sale Price $40


Chimera Bangle: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30
92d15b398d0cc08391e1af4133c7c677After the Rain Bracelet: Original Price $79, Sample Sale Price $40


Copper Cupchain Bracelet: Original Price $39, Sample Sale Price $20


Hematite Cupchain: Original Price $59, Sample Sale Price $30


Ella Bracelet Brown: $44, Sample Sale Price $25


Serpent Bangle: Original Price $49, Sale Price $25                                                                                                               *fav of Kelly Ripa!


Rio Coin Earrings, Sample Sale Price $35


Capri Chandelier Earrings Original Price $49 – Not a sample


Goddess Tear Drop Earrings: Original Price $34 – Not a sample


Valentina Chandelier Earrings: Sample Price $15


Rio Coin Drop Earrings: Original Price $29 – Brand New!

laurel studs_1

Laurel Studs: Original Price $19, Sample Sale $10


Swallow Studs: Original Price $19, Sample Sale $10


Jules Ring: Cluster of midnight blue + turquoise colored epoxy cabachons dotted with glass stones.       Fits 5-9 ring size. Original Price $49. Sale Price $25.


Starstruck Ring: Original Price $59


Stackable Gem Ring: Original Price: $54 – Not a sample

SD2Alice Temperly for Stella Dot Fox Ring: Sample Sale Price $40


Soho Wristlet:  Original Price $68, Sale Price $34

can you say inspired

As I mentioned before I was luck enough to attend hoopla in las vegas this year with my amazing upine Nicole Hazen and her entire up line teams as well as my beloved Erica (downline). We stayed in the beautiful Paris Hotel!


It was an experience to say the least. It wasn’t filled with sales tips as one may think – but instead it was filled with figuring out what makes YOU happy. Gratitude and genuine happiness were the themes through out the entire three days.

Everyone was dressed fabulously and decked out with jewels which was a blast, I loved seeing how stylists would wear the pieces in different ways.


Jessica Herrin, Founder and CEO speaks with such eliquince and certanty – she says over and over how much she beleives in you – to the point where you beleive it yourself. Sitting in a room of 3000 stylists, who’s passion, drive and entrepreneurial spirit are overflowing gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. IMG_3485

Jessica called Stella Dot an effort in, results out type of business: the more effort you put in the more results will come. The key to this is… CONSISTENCY rather than small bursts of activity. Watching woman walk across the stage receiving recognition for their efforts, made me want to be up there, made me want to work my business better so that I can be a part of my up lines success.


“A year from now you will be a year older no matter what, why not make it a year better! I am not a gambler, you wont find me at the slot machines, I take chances but I don’t bet on chance, I bet on me, I bet on my hardwork” –Jessica Herrin

It felt like they thought of everything. They even had a table set up to help you with social media. I thought this sign was catchy!

There were several other key speakers all of which I loved and will post about separately.
IMG_3566 IMG_3567It was a fabulous few days and I am so so so happy I attended.