End of Summer Sale

ESS_socialWhile I must admit, fall is my favorite season, especially in New England, I can’t believe Summer is over!! Every year I say it fly’s by faster and faster ( I feel old saying that). Labor day does mark the end of this beloved time for most, it also marks sales weekend!!!

Stella and Dot of course is doing one of their own – 25% off all SALE items!! Check out a few of my favs 🙂

Check out the rest of the sale items at www.stelladot.com/brandcheerleder .






Stella + Dot Engravables!!

I have been a part of Stella + Dot for 3 years and always wanted engravables in all way shapes and forms and its finally HERE!




We even have a little something personal for the men in your life!! I can’t wait for mine to come in for my man friend 🙂 There are so many combinations and ways to personalize and tell a story I can’t wait to see how people combine them.

You can only order through me or a trunk show so email me brand [email protected] for your custom order!








Time: the best of times, the worst of times


My last post I wrote about the concept of time and how it seems to control so much of our life, not enough time… or let time pass and it will heal you. Both of which seem to be the case for my situation right now, not enough time to make this work and hopefully with time Ill feel better about it….

It is with the saddest of hearts Bona Clara announced their close on Jan 31st. Bona Clara was far from perfect but I didnt think we were that close to the end.

A heartbroken and shaking Jasmina told us one by one on Thursday morning, despite the previous days efforts to “do what it takes” we would not be able to continue Bona Clara and we would not be looking for outside funding. It took me a while, actually its still hard for me to swallow this being the right decision. Their was just not enough time to do this properly and Jasmina “wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, knowing she is asking us to sacrifice but can’t promise something like this wouldn’t happen again. Maybe its selfish, but I saw this being big for me, I saw my entire career here in front of me… I saw myself being Jasmina’s partner in this, she would be the face + I would be the voice, or maybe I would be the face…. no she would be the face, she would be the brain behind the amazing products, and I would be the funny voice that told reps they can do it!!!! I saw these reps, these founding leaders being in my wedding some day, or even introducing me to the wonderful Mr. Francesca… This is the one thing, I didn’t see coming…

We were told last Tuesday there was a problem, we instinctually said we would fight this, do whatever it takes, now its Wed night and I will only have 2 more wakeup’s to the best job so far, the job that took me from I cant do anything to I can do EVERYTHING, maybe I still haven’t started dating again or made a million bucks, but it made me happy, it filled my cup + I was able to be a little part of filling someone elses. I will post more on this later as I am really trying to just soak it all in, I have no idea what is next but I do know I am beyond grateful for the past 16 months.

For anyone interested in the “smarter beauty products” they will be on sale at 50% off through friday! Just go to the Bona Clara site for orders!

Come n’ get it – Stella Dot Sample Sale

Part of my purging the “stuff in my room” to create a more adult room – I am so sad to say has to be some of my Stella Dot… but that’s good news for all of you because of course I am parting with my pieces at a discount!

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in any samples!                                         Please note these are samples used in my Stella Dot display. None of which have any signs of wear.     Non-Sample, never touched pieces are clearly marked.


Serenity Necklace: dyed jade with smooth glass and faceted stones set in hand hammered bezels hang from an oval link chain. 16″ length. Originally $198, Sample Sale $100.


Madeline Pearl Necklace: Original Price $108, Sample Sale Price $50

Serenity Small Stone Pendant-Close Up (1)-thumb-350x659-5368

Serenity Small Stone Pendant: single hand cut, faceted aqua glass teardrop stone se in hammered bezel adorns an airy gold plated link chain 17″ with 2″ extender. Original Price $49. Sample Sale price $25.


Jolie Necklace: Original Price $79, Sample Sale Price $40


Olivia Bib Necklace: Original Price $118 – Not on Sale – Not a sample


Compari Necklace: Original Price $128, Sample Sale $70


Maldives Necklace: Original Price $118 – NOT a SAMLPE


Hematite Link Chain Necklace, Original Price $79, Sale Price $60


Anabelle Necklace Rose Gold, Original Price $69, Sale Price $50


Alice Temperley is a famous British designer,  known for combining femininity with cool Britannia sensibilities. She’s reigned over the London fashion scene for the past decade with an impressive celeb following including Beyonce and Kate + Pippa Middelton. Original Price: $44 Not a Sale Item


Silver on the Mark Necklace, New, Not Sale Item $49


La Folie Necklace: Original Price $49, Sample Price $25


Alice Temperly for Stella Dot Fox Necklace: Sample Sale: $35

Unknown-3Alice Temperly for Stella Dot, Wonderlust Charm Bracelet: Originally $98


Eleanor Bangle, Original Price $98, Sample Sale Price $50

UnknownEleanor Bangle, Original Price $98, Sample Sale Price $50


Lindsay Bangle: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30


Carrie Bangles: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30


Enamel Bangle: Sample Sale Price $40


Chimera Bangle: Original Price $59, Sale Price $30
92d15b398d0cc08391e1af4133c7c677After the Rain Bracelet: Original Price $79, Sample Sale Price $40


Copper Cupchain Bracelet: Original Price $39, Sample Sale Price $20


Hematite Cupchain: Original Price $59, Sample Sale Price $30


Ella Bracelet Brown: $44, Sample Sale Price $25


Serpent Bangle: Original Price $49, Sale Price $25                                                                                                               *fav of Kelly Ripa!


Rio Coin Earrings, Sample Sale Price $35


Capri Chandelier Earrings Original Price $49 – Not a sample


Goddess Tear Drop Earrings: Original Price $34 – Not a sample


Valentina Chandelier Earrings: Sample Price $15


Rio Coin Drop Earrings: Original Price $29 – Brand New!

laurel studs_1

Laurel Studs: Original Price $19, Sample Sale $10


Swallow Studs: Original Price $19, Sample Sale $10


Jules Ring: Cluster of midnight blue + turquoise colored epoxy cabachons dotted with glass stones.       Fits 5-9 ring size. Original Price $49. Sale Price $25.


Starstruck Ring: Original Price $59


Stackable Gem Ring: Original Price: $54 – Not a sample

SD2Alice Temperly for Stella Dot Fox Ring: Sample Sale Price $40


Soho Wristlet:  Original Price $68, Sale Price $34