To a More Adult Life – Bedroom

I have been thinking alot latly about my home here in Boston and how I want it to look. The older I get the more this is my home and the more I do want to actually decorate it. Currently the apartment is made up mostly of things we have gotten from our past roomates. Nothing is meant to go with anything else. This is especially the case in my bedroom, which according to many, has 4 shelving units, all from Target or other super cheap places and all of which are – lets just say not the best…

In addition to the lack of flow in furnature, I have convinced myself that adults do not have as much stuff as we do. We seem to keep everything… when I help Val clean her room I want to throw away everthing, but I seem to have such a hard time doing that, you should see even the amount of samples of products I have!!

I am working on getting rid of all the clutter and trading it in for a nice dresser! What do you think of these?

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