Its all in the details

I hate to admit but growing up in a town just outside of Brimfield Ma with a mother who couldn’t collect enough antiques (which I considered junk), she would pull over on on any road if she saw a sign with furnature on the lawn, all I remember is thinking you are going to kill me with embarrassment…  I was a bit jaded to just how cool some of the pieces you can find really are.

Fast Forward to me at 25… I am in an apartment in Boston with my BFFL + I am finally ready to start purchasing things here and there that I will have for a long time. My friend Lauren, an interior designer with the most amazing eye had a white hutch in her small apmt that she used for her tv and storage underneath. I was desperate for something like it! Naturally the next time I was home I told Memre what I was looking for, before I knew it she had canceled dinner plans and we were on the hunt. After about 5 stores I came across this beauty:

photo 2

So, what do I do… wait another week till black friday + then purchase at $100 less than the asking price + beg good Ole Pepe to help a sister out + bring this piece back to Beantown.

photo 1

It fits perfect in our large (very large for the Northend) living room with brick walls. The details are my favorite, I feel like such an adult actually investing in something other than IKEA.

photo 1