Call me a whine-o

So, I recently learned that how you take your coffee (cream, sugar, black) can predict wines that you’ll like.

As you know I received a package of wine from Bright Cellars last week before I went on vacation to Mexico. What I really find to be different about this monthly wine company is the matching they do – each wine that is sent to you is based on preferences you choose in the initial quiz – they are really good wines that you don’t see at the corner store.

I finally got to taste the wines that were sent to me last night! I must disclose I am no wine connoisseur and nor do I aspire to be, ill never be a wine snob and I don’t think ill ever like the super expensive labels – I just love to drink it….a lot!

Being a red wine LOVER and lets just say not a fan of white wine – I opted for “mostly reds but surprise me with a white” because I wanted to be open, maybe its just the wrong white wine I have been trying.

No surprise, my favorite was the Lost City Malbec, it reminded me of a red blend which I love – it was bold and had a bit of spice to it.

You can take the quiz and subscribe to for 50% off as one of my readers with this link.



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