Working your ass off does pay off


I cant describe the feeling I have today. Its pure joy, I feel like I did win the lotery. I have been working at my company since September, I was hired as a field development analyst – pretty much my job was to help our brand reps in whatever they needed. Over time I have picked up several other responsibilities and my work load has easily quadrupled – I have never been happier! The only issue is that I cant live off of what I make each week (by live I mean pay loans, medical bills, rent + live the life I want) so I still bartend at least 2x a week… Its just exhausting… I don’t think ill leave the 21a… after all its been my home for 7 years, but I needed to justify all the hard work I was putting in.

Last week I finally did just that. I asked for exactly what I wanted – and made sure to explain why I already deserve it and think I will be able to do even more in the future…. I was called into a meeting almost a week later. My CEO and President announced a new position which came with the raise I asked for AND a bonus structure. I have never felt more amazing. Not lucky, not the right place at the right time… I felt just RIGHT… like I got what I deserved… and that my friends… is something I haven’t felt in a really really long time..