MoTiVaTiOnAl mOnDaY


I listened to the amazing Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin today – Im in awe at her ability to motivate hundreds of woman – to make them feel like they can own their own businesses and they can be successful at anything they put their minds too. The topic of her discussion was time managment. She said “we need to be okay with the unfinished to do list, we need to think of ourselves as jugglers, and not that we have to juggle them all but that we have to figure out which ones are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass, which ones can wait until tomorrow and will bounce back up and which ones need to be juggled now before they fall and brake. Its all about prioritizing.

How do you determine what balls are rubber and what balls are made of glass?


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  1. danisha says:

    I struggle with that on a daily basis especially due to the fact that Im a single mom. I always feel like there is something that I have forgotten to do. Im trying to learn that I can not get everything done at one time but it is really difficult

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