Holiday Recap

 This Christmas was one of the best! I think this time is my favorite because I am a sucker for tradition. We have so many traditions, beginning with Christmas eve, which when we were younger we all participated in the Church play ( I always aspired to be Mary but laded one of the wise men at my highest acting point). This year now that everyone is grown up the focus becomes more on dinner and family time. We started a new tradition this year – a Yankee swap. As you can imagine that entertained us for a bit!

Christmas eve was at my Mom’s side of the family where we were able to enjoy the amazing Juliet – the newest addition to the Girard Family tree. Juliet_xmasMy brother Garrett + My grandfather 🙂


Christmas morning we go to my Dad’s sisters where Harrison scored big!! A laptop!! Woo


Then we head to the farm – where my Dad and all his cousins spent most of their child hood. Its a BEAUTIFUL place to say the least. With acers of land and horses all around. We enjoy a feast fit for only our Italian family, handcut macaroni (I dream of this all year), roast beef, meatballs, home made sauce.. YUM! After dinner we enjoyed a competitive 2 rounds of Left, Right, Center. farm_left_right_centerWhich Kacey won both rounds!! Not fair and a new rule for next year!

What are some of your family traditions?