I recently read an article in Glamor by Debora Spar the president of Bernard College on being “superwoman” and the stigma that woman face in the do it all century that we live in.  They listed several strategies for facing the new standards, my favorite include:

Staying close to home: as things get tough being near the people you need the most is always comforting

 Commit to a work out regimine: Jessica Herin CEO of Stella Dot says she have the time to NOT run every day. Its the time she clears her head, with out that the entire day is counterproductive.

Pick a job you love: thank God this is one thing I can cross off.


Its strange to think about this work life balance and sometimes I fear I love my job so much that Ill be looking at my life in ten years with great success in my career and no family to share it with. Sometimes I do wonder, can we really have it all?




foudnign leader

I am so excited to be a part of Bona Clara as they really define their leaders and the woman who will have a hand in shaping the future of the company. The feeling as I mentioned the other day is so hard to describe. The woman “founding leaders” attract are the most ambitious, smart business woman I have ever met. I feel like I am a HUGE part of something thats going to EXPLODE!! We are planning SO much travel for this month I dont even know how I am going to keep up with it all! I am beyond excited (incase I havent said it 10x already). Ill keep you posted on the cities ill be visiting! How on earth did I get so LUCKY!?!?

xo Frankie