Mexico: Meet Flipper

I was lucky enough to end my “stay at home roommate” streak with a fabulous trip to Cancun Mexico! We created a “bucket” list of things we wanted to do while we were there for a week – combining ocean, beach, pool, food and adventure time.

We decided on two of the (so many) excursion options, one was an all day event at a place called xplor (zip line, paddling and four wheeling) and swimming with dolphins!!!





We arrived at Doplphinus, home to one of the of the most beautiful views of the beach/ocean, and received a bit of instruction on how best to touch the human sized fishy, to rise off any SPF we had on (it hurts their eyes) and to not touch their blow hole. With in just a few minutes we were paired with another couple and one of the trainers and we were in the water.

I am not going to lie – I was scared at first, there were little fishes swimming around and algae growing on the grates but we didn’t waste any time getting to know each other. We actually hardly had a proper introduction before “flipper” kissed me on the lips and cheek (how bold, I know).






We spent the next hour learning all about Flipper (that wasn’t her name – I just like to think it is) and how they rescued her and she has had two babies and they actually spend 5 years with their babes before there separated – they even have a “kindergarten” pool where they start training the babies around one year old. I am so glad we were able to experience this together, I feel like its something you do once and its such a fun memory to look back on!






Fagawi: a boat race from Hyanis to Nantucket, also know as the weekend most Bostonians take over the beautiful quaint town for the weekend.

This memorial weekend was no accepting. We all took the ferry in the POuRING rain (no I’m not exaggerating) and trucked our way to the house the babes had rented for the weekend.


It was perfect for us for the long weekend (we love being close and have become quite custom to such).

This year was so much more fun than last – despite the weather. I felt like me again. I’m not “back to normal” but with my hair growing back and my face less “moon shaped” I felt much more accepting of myself.
It’s true what they say about confidence making you more attractive. I didn’t care I just enjoyed being with the most important people – my unconditional support system – my friends.

We sat down for lunch on the Cape while waiting for bags to arrive (long story) I said out loud “you know you have an incredible group of friends when there is no one you want / don’t want to sit near” as we all agreed and looked at the menu I truly sat back and was great full for every moment I have with these amazing people.