The most beautiful views…

On the way from Denver CO to Salt Lake City UT we made a few stops. The first being Vail or just outside of it – to have breakfast with one of Baileys high school girldfriends. It was so beautiful driving through Vail, even with out snow you can just image the fabulous condos with a white covering. IMG_4261 IMG_4096

We continued on our route until Grand Junction, which Baileys Aunt Vic said was a MUST SEE – even over the Grand Canyon! She told us to follow the signs for the Colorado National Monument and then take Ottos Trail which is just a short walk down a path. She made it sound so simple! Which it really was but of course … one wrong turn and we were at least 40 min out of the way. (Disclamer: this is one of the only times we got lost). Once we figured out the way into the park and up to Ottos Trail it was WELL WORTH IT. The views were breath taking and I am pretty sure there is no picture that could begin to do the views justice. IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4110



The Man in Black: Mr. Johnny Cash

Saturday we visited the popular Johnny Cash Museum after a quick detour into a bar along the way where Bailey attempeted to fix my “tummy ache” with a Bloody Mary. Of course there was a live band and they were just hilarious, adding their own one liners to the popular cover songs they were playing! IMG_3962


The Johnny Cash museum is set up as a self guided tour and it cost us $14 to enter. It started with his childhood and went all the way through his death. There were a few songs selected from each era that you could watch the “music video” (Johnny on stage singing) of. Bailey pointed out the “man in black” song which explains why he always wore black clothes: “I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down, livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town, I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, but is there because he’s a victim of the times.”



One section of the exhibit that particularly caught my eye was the song “ragged old flag” it was written out as you can see in the image below and there was a video of him reading it.


You cant talk about Johnny with out talking about his love for June Carter. Not being the HUGEST Johnny Cash fan, I think I was drawn to the love story behind June and Johnny.

I think I took a bit of extra time in this museum because it was a place Bailey enjoyed so much. It reminded her of her younger brother, one of the few people she worried about leaving. She explained the “Man in Black” song particularly made her think of Ben, because he would always prefer to be with the “forgotten” or less paid attention to, he thought those were the real people.

“Golden Nuggets” from this stop would be:

-Johnny Cash lived a FULL life, one of fame, fortune, addiction, love, family, belief, hard work and peace.

-His love for June Carter was unlike anything else he had ever experianced. It was a true love story and she made him a better man.


They even had a few pieces from the “House of Cash” where June and Johnny lived until their death. This one in particular reminds me of my mother. Her taste is very Victorian and she often times came home from yard sales or flea markets with bold pieces such as this. IMG_3876

Not that I cry anymore but if I were too, the music video of his song HURT  at the end would have gotten me.

I think I have become a fan of Mr. Cash.


Nashville Stole My Heart

They don’t call it music city for nothin! I had such a great weekend in Nashville!!! Live music gets me and this city has more live music than I’ve ever seen!!!

We grabbed nachos at a Place called Baileys and then headed over to “The Stage” where I was obviously in my glory and thought I was the queen of Fireball Whisky…



Which is NEVER a good idea…. After we left the popular (and very touristy) Brodway Street we asked a local where to go – she suggested Painters Ally. The bar we stumbled into had maybe 12 patrons including Bailey and I which made the live band pretty much my personal jut box for the evening.

Hands down the most fun (crazy) night I had through out our trip!

I cant wait to tell you all about it !!