New year new goals

Every January I always have big plans and a few months later my resolve begins to lessen. I mean lets face it, I didn’t even take the time to make this post happen in January (better late than never right?).

I have been really into goal setting and bettering myself for the last few years sometimes I spend so much time on the goals, I don’t put any thought into the action it takes to achieve them. I love the idea of setting a big hairy scary goal for the year and breaking it down into what I need to do each month. The more I think about it the more I KNOW I enjoy that process more than the actions later on.

1. Blog more often: It makes me happy, it takes time, but I feel so good when I am doing it. So make time.

2. Be present: focus on work at work, focus on my friends when I am with them and with my man friend when I am with him. I too often find myself multi tasking resulting in 1/2 ass work (which I am never proud of).

3. Hit the gym: well isn’t this one on everyones list. I have to say last year around this time when Bona Clara closed, I found myself with quite a bit of free time and I put that to good use. I started going to yoga 3x a week and made sure to do something to sweat each and every day. I felt SO good. I don’t think I was actually that thin, but I felt so much better. Since starting this job I have put fitness on a back burner… the WAYY back burner. Last week I joined a Barre Studio near my office and they have different classes like this surfset class I can’t wait to try.


4. Simplify: Purge. Cleanse. Minimize.  I have a tendency to keep things, to save perfume for a special occasion, which really just leads to products spilling out of shelves, clothes that don’t fit, and me constantly searching for something I can’t find. I think if I eliminate some of the physical clutter I can eliminate the clutter in my brain. Last week I was en

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.55.57 PM

5. Work on brand cheerleader for small clients: I want to do this, badly, I want to work with small businesses and take them to the next step, introduce them to practices they can implement to drive traffic to their stores or websites and increase profits. It takes work and focus and dedication and time blocking. All things I need to focus on 1st. I think if I can get those things in order I can then take steps in taking on a few small clients.

6. Learn Photoshop, Indesign and Video Editing: They say writing your goals and sharing them make you more likely to keep them. So here it is. Stay tuned for posts on the follow through.




mOtIvAtIoNaL MoNdAy: The weight is over


Tonight I went to Yoga for the first time since I started Pilates, which was about 7 months ago. Getting to the mat is 1/2 the battle for me, I seem to always have something better to do (usually work) but I knew after the past few weeks I have had that I needed a good yoga class.

I have had vivid nightmares, about things I have tried to stop caring about, but despite my greatest efforts, my subconscious brings out the fears I keep trying to push aside.

As we sat on the matt tonight she tells us to hold the block, she asks what we think it weighs, people shout, 1/2 lb and other various guesses. She has us hold the block out to show that it doesn’t  matter what the weight is, but instead how long you hold it.


Sarah tells us to close our eyes as she tells the story of a motivational speaker who held a glass with water in front of a group, she said “how much water do you think is in here?”, they all assumed she was going to ask the glass half full question… the guests shouted out answers as we did with the block. The speaker said, if i hold this water for a few moments it’s not really a big deal, if I hold it for a few hours it becomes heavy, if I hold it for days it becomes a burden and so on… The point is it doesn’t matter what the weight is, it matters how long you hold on to it, how much of a burden you allow the weight to become. Choose to let things go, to put down the block, for the longer you hold them the heavier the burden they become.

I literally felt like this class was meant for me. I have never felt so connected, my mind, my body, my emotions, not sad …  almost relieved. In the smallest and largest sense. I hold on to things WAY to long + I am making a pact with myself right now, to let things go.