Goodnight Moon

goodnight moon

My ode to lavender, you bring me calmness, peace and harmony to end my day.

You are a treat for my senses, as well as my body & spirit.

 Ahhh… Lavender… it’s my wonder herb!

Filled with powerful antiseptic properties to help fight bacteria, heal wounds, reduce fever & upset stomach to name a few. It’s more commonly known for its calming effect on both mind and body, helps to relax muscle spasms, anxiety and even insomnia… now that’s magical!

 There is nothing like capping off you day with a relaxing bath filled with lavender essential oil & aroma-therapeutic mineral bath. Its relaxation in a tub! Tune on Nora Jones Pandora station and fill you mug with sleepytime tea or a glass of vino… whatever floats your bath 😉

I love making lavender spray for my bedroom. Its so easy! Just add part water & lavender essential oil to a spray bottle, you can find it at your local whole foods bath & body section. Once you mix, spritz all over pillows/ sheets and face. It’s the perfect bedtime cocktail.

Sleep tight,



Arugula salad, with shredded carrots, sliced beets and crumbled goat cheese

Arugula salad, with shredded carrots, sliced beets and crumbled goat cheese. Sprinkled with cayenne pepper and fresh squeezed lemon.
This is one of my fav salads + just had to share with all of you!
I love starting any salad with arugula, it has a great peppery taste with a crunch, not to mention its highly alkaline, loaded with detoxing components that cleanses waste from our bodies and is high in vitamin A, which protects the skin from free radical damage. How much better can this pungent green be?!
Carrots add color, crunch and the highest amount of beta-carotene to a perfect salad!
(as my Grammy always says it has to look great to taste great!)
Beets also add a beautiful color to any dish, they are extremely alkaline and high in antioxidants which we all know we cant get enough of! They are a powerful cleanser for the body plus a great source of iron (for all us non meat eaters 😉 )
I love dressing my salads with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper that adds a great zing plus a supper metabolizing booster… who dosent want that?!
Adding lemon to a salad is not only refreshing and simple, but its the perfect compliment to glowing, blemish-free skin! Lemons aid in digestion and support the liver. Not to mention a great source of vitamin c!
Finishing off this sexy salad is a crumble of goat cheese…now im not a dairy pusher by any means…but if you love a little smooth creamy finish to a meal goat cheese is the healthiest of all cheeses. So sprinkle, but go easy!
Keeping your meals simple and healthy are the keys to great digestion!
Hippie- hybrid
(courtney a)