Grad Gifts #1

Spring time marks graduations and (although it doesn’t feel like spring here in Boston) I have two beautiful cousins and my sister graduating in the next few weeks. I remember graduation as such a meaningful time when what people said really influenced and effected my outlook so I wanted my gift to be heartfelt.
A few weeks ago when my boyfriend gave me a lokai bracelet I knew this would be the perfect gift for them. 
These bracelets represent the highs and lows in life and remind you to have clarity in-between. They feature a white and black ball across from one another and clear beads in between. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth to remind you that you stay hopeful when you stumble upon a “low” in life. The white is filled with water from Mt. Everest, the highest place on earth, this is to remind you to stay humble when you are at the highest points of life. The Clear Beads remind you to keep moving,
they represent that everyone has their own story. While life has its highs and lows, every point in-between is just as meaningful – these points make up the fabric of your own story. The clear beads remind us that clarity is key in times of joy and sadness.

You can learn more about lokai at their site and be sure to check out their Instagram for a little inspiration!