Goodnight Moon

goodnight moon

My ode to lavender, you bring me calmness, peace and harmony to end my day.

You are a treat for my senses, as well as my body & spirit.

 Ahhh… Lavender… it’s my wonder herb!

Filled with powerful antiseptic properties to help fight bacteria, heal wounds, reduce fever & upset stomach to name a few. It’s more commonly known for its calming effect on both mind and body, helps to relax muscle spasms, anxiety and even insomnia… now that’s magical!

 There is nothing like capping off you day with a relaxing bath filled with lavender essential oil & aroma-therapeutic mineral bath. Its relaxation in a tub! Tune on Nora Jones Pandora station and fill you mug with sleepytime tea or a glass of vino… whatever floats your bath 😉

I love making lavender spray for my bedroom. Its so easy! Just add part water & lavender essential oil to a spray bottle, you can find it at your local whole foods bath & body section. Once you mix, spritz all over pillows/ sheets and face. It’s the perfect bedtime cocktail.

Sleep tight,



hoopla prep






I am OVER THE MOON excited to go to Vegas on Sat for Hoopla, Stella Dots annual conference. Never ever did I EVERRR think I would say such a thing but I have really grown to love this company and the woman in it.

Needless to say, in true Frank form I am getting ready 1/2 way and last min…

Little at home hair do:6ec7e016eb9abffce96b8172c90fce8fMasking my horrid day:

And then of course a I tried to pack…


But I have never felt more like this was true than tonight:73dd15fc1d1c369e3a08ddf1f6e6d94d
Everyone says layers because it will be about 100+ degrees outside but blasting cold air on the inside… The worst part is so many of these GORG ladies have been planning this for months – what they will wear and what Stella Dot they will pair it with – oh god that reminds me – I need to bring my jewels!
No matter what I know I am going to take SO much away from this I honestly feel like such a dork for being this excited!!
Any outfit suggestions?