Stella + Dot Engravables!!

I have been a part of Stella + Dot for 3 years and always wanted engravables in all way shapes and forms and its finally HERE!




We even have a little something personal for the men in your life!! I can’t wait for mine to come in for my man friend ūüôā There are so many combinations and ways to personalize and tell a story I can’t wait to see how people combine them.

You can only order through me or a trunk show so email me brand for your custom order!








The Art of Lettering




Last week I had the pleasure of taking my first calligraphy class with the uber talented Liz of Calligraphy Boston. I arrived at her South Street studio to a table set up with individual place settings, instruction cards, pens, ¬†name cards and goodie bags for each student. Her adorable office felt like a real life Pinterest board, she had examples of her work all over her walls, I couldn’t wait to get started!¬†After a brief overview and show and tell we got right to work on – with small class sizes you get the perfect amour of 1-1 attention and work time.


I learned so much I couldn’t possibly tell you all of it without being boring and certainly not¬†doing the class justice.

She explained:

  • each letter has hairlines and — lines (thick and thin) and they are created by using different amounts of pressure on the pen
  • you must sit with the paper at 45 degree angel and your elbow on the table
  • its hard, you have to practice, a ton

Liz was such a good teacher, she had us trace the letters on the worksheets and told us the more you do this the better you will get for more than the obvious for muscle memory and equipped us with take home papers with numbered strokes. One of the best parts I just have to mention is the ridiculous amount if goodies you get to take home and practice with Рthe pen, ink, paper, pre cut cards to make things with Рnone of which I knew about before! If you want to take Liz class just click over to her website and pick a date Рits as easy as that!







Bright Cellars


My newest obsession seems to be subscription boxes, birchbox, glossybox, barkbox as a gift, and now best of all, Bright Cellars, a wine subscription box!! They sent me a complementary box to review for the blog!  I will be the first to admit, I LOVE wine but know very little about it – besides red/white and a little about the stereotypes of each kind (from my bar-tending career).

This is where Bright Cellars comes in, it’s a company launched by two MIT graduates whose goal was to introduce “hidden gems” (non mainstream wines) to you each month, they know you will love them because they created a “quiz” which matches your taste preferences using a bright points algorithm GENIUS I know… I tell you these MIT kids think of everything!


Once you get your score they suggest wines you would like (and have never heard of) – it even tells you what specifically you may like about the wines! The best part is each month you get 4 DIFFERENT wines to try – so you are constantly being exposed to new wines. They are even working on ways to rate and customize the experience – this is where the Pandora part comes in, you love a wine, you can let them know and “request more like this” or if you don’t like it – you can do the opposite – just like when you are listening to a station on Pandora!

You can take the quiz yourself – its super quick and easy, it asks things like what is your fav juice in the morning (i picked does coffee count as a juice) and candy preferences!


Since they are at the very beginning they have a rewards programs where you can refer a friend (if you love it) and you can get bonus wines to your subscription – sometimes wildcards that are still linked with your preferences but maybe a little outside of your comfort zone!

They are even offering my readers 50% off their first month with this link so head on over to their site and take the quiz!!

Grad Gifts #1

Spring time marks graduations and (although it doesn’t feel like spring here in Boston) I have two beautiful cousins and my sister graduating in the next few weeks. I remember graduation as such a meaningful time when what people said really influenced and effected my outlook so I wanted my gift to be heartfelt.
A few weeks ago when my boyfriend gave me a lokai bracelet I knew this would be the perfect gift for them. 
These bracelets represent the highs and lows in life and remind you to have clarity in-between. They feature a white and black ball across from one another and clear beads in between. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth to remind you that you stay hopeful when you stumble upon a “low” in life. The white is filled with water from Mt. Everest, the highest place on earth, this is to remind you to stay humble when you are at the highest points of life.¬†The Clear Beads remind you to keep moving,
they¬†represent that everyone has their own story. While life has its highs and lows, every point in-between is just as meaningful ‚Äď these points make up the fabric of your own story. The clear beads remind us that clarity is key in times of joy and sadness.

You can learn more about lokai at their site and be sure to check out their Instagram for a little inspiration!




Weekend Wonderful: Lazy Sunday

Sunday I spent the day downtown¬†– we started with brunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury where we sat at the bar (which I LOVE the closeness yet informality of) and I enjoyed a bloody mary – they have the most amazing selection that you can customize a delicious Eggs Benedict and some friendly company surrounding us.


It was a rainy weekend here in Boston so we venture too far, went a few stores along the popular downtown Boston street, stopped into LUSH cosmetics – which I have heard so much about but never taken the time to stop in. It was SO cool and the staff was SO helpful and not at all pushy. They have handmade soaps, bath balls, handmade face masks that are SO NATURAL they only last a week and you have to keep them in the fridge – how is that for safe! After about 30 min of touching smelling and feeling I knew I needed to cash out before I bought one of everything. With a few goodies in hand we walked down to¬†MET bar where we enjoyed a few drinks and people watched… well I people watched, I think he watched the game…


On the way back to the Northend we stop at City Sports Рwe both got a new pair of kicks Рwhich i needed desperately РI love the grey and bright yellow of mine!! Nike Free is the BEST sneaker for me РI learned all about the different versions and what the 3.0 vs 5.0 meant РI opted for the 5.0 and let me tell you Рputting them on just makes me want to run around!

How was your weekend?

Tan Towel: Look Good Naked

As a sun worshiper and former skin care industry employee I am constantly at battle with myself. I LOVE the way a tan makes me look and feel but I know the dangers and its just not worth it, which leads me on the hunt for the safest and most natural looking self tanner’s out there. For the last several years I have been using spray can which¬†I have been able to get away with just spraying parts of my body with, my chest for example if I have a long sleeve V neck on, I swear it brings my confidence up about 5 notches, but looks silly nakie!


Last week I was searching for something that would work a bit better all over my body. I had watched an infomercial on TanTowel and had to try it. Let me warn you, typically when I buy “as seen on TV” products, they either never arrives or is crap.

I am so glad I did!! There was a light scent (I have yet to find any tanning products with NO sent) and was not greasy at all, it did take a few moments to seep into my skin ¬†After a few hours I was left with a subtle, natural and even looking glow! I am still searching for that perfect tan with out chemicals, I know it’s better than a tanning booth or laying oil soaked out in the sun but it’s not good for you. I would love to hear anyones recommendations!



Know Everything …

As part of the skin care industry I am always intrigued by new brands, this weekend I hosted a Beauty Counter Social at my apartment. We were so lucky to have the FIRST consultant ever to tell us all about the brand and what they stand for. She is a 42 year old mom of 3 Рlook how beautiful she is!!


She had such startling facts along with the opening video she showed us that I couldn’t help but fall in love for the brand, products and what they stand for. She shared with us that:

  • 80% of ingredients in beauty products have NEVER been tested for safety
  • the US hasn’t passed a federal law regulating ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.
  • Some companies have an ingredient list completely different for the products they distribute in the US vs Europe, its so crazy to think about.
  • If the average American woman uses 12 products a day, mines probably doubled…


Beauty Counters mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone, to really “know everything”, to know what is in the food you put in your mouth and the products you put on your largest organ, your skin and how it effects your health. She explained its the repetitive use, not the one time exposure that are most harmful to our bodies. Stephanie even gave everyone a “never list” so that we can use it to look at products we already use on a daily basis.

The folks over at Vogue can’t even get enough of them!

I placed an order for a bunch of stuff I can’t wait to share what I think!! My party is still open for anyone who wants to try with me!

The link is just click on my name on the top left column and you can order as part of my party!!



Autism Awareness Month with Stella Dot

One of the things I love most about Stella & Dot is we believe in spreading the love! April is Autism Awareness month and S&D has partnered with HollyRod foundation to donate proceeds from these select pieces!

I am making it a personal goal of mine to host at least 4 Trunk Shows to contribute to this cause AND  partner with two hostess to donate my personal commissions to a local Autism Awareness organization of their choice from online or in home/office trunk shows in April!


If you or someone you know may be interested in spreading the love,

please message me and together, we can pay it forward!

Winter Proof Lips

No matter how much I apply chapstick it seems hopeless‚Ķ even on the regular I can’t seem to keep them from being uncomfortably chapped. Now add in a make out last weekend and I am pretty much screwed‚Ķ I feel like I have tried everything…


Carmex, Vaseline, Burts Beeswax… my newest trial is Figs + Rouge (another Glossy Box treasure). This is a tinted lip balm so its a little more than just chap stick Рwhich I like Рbut now I feel like I am comparing apples to oranges РI do however like it so far! Ill keep you posted on the chapped level of my lips! What has worked for you guys?

Make a Statement

I LOVE statement earrings it adds so much style to any outfit, I usually go for a pop of color to dress up a neutral top.

stmt earrings

1. Kate Spade, 2. Stella Dot, 3. Stella Dot, 4. Kendra Scott, 5. LydellNYC

The best part about these two, they are transformers for girls, you can take these bold statement pieces and make them into smaller versions + even studs!