Time: the best of times, the worst of times


My last post I wrote about the concept of time and how it seems to control so much of our life, not enough time… or let time pass and it will heal you. Both of which seem to be the case for my situation right now, not enough time to make this work and hopefully with time Ill feel better about it….

It is with the saddest of hearts Bona Clara announced their close on Jan 31st. Bona Clara was far from perfect but I didnt think we were that close to the end.

A heartbroken and shaking Jasmina told us one by one on Thursday morning, despite the previous days efforts to “do what it takes” we would not be able to continue Bona Clara and we would not be looking for outside funding. It took me a while, actually its still hard for me to swallow this being the right decision. Their was just not enough time to do this properly and Jasmina “wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, knowing she is asking us to sacrifice but can’t promise something like this wouldn’t happen again. Maybe its selfish, but I saw this being big for me, I saw my entire career here in front of me… I saw myself being Jasmina’s partner in this, she would be the face + I would be the voice, or maybe I would be the face…. no she would be the face, she would be the brain behind the amazing products, and I would be the funny voice that told reps they can do it!!!! I saw these reps, these founding leaders being in my wedding some day, or even introducing me to the wonderful Mr. Francesca… This is the one thing, I didn’t see coming…

We were told last Tuesday there was a problem, we instinctually said we would fight this, do whatever it takes, now its Wed night and I will only have 2 more wakeup’s to the best job so far, the job that took me from I cant do anything to I can do EVERYTHING, maybe I still haven’t started dating again or made a million bucks, but it made me happy, it filled my cup + I was able to be a little part of filling someone elses. I will post more on this later as I am really trying to just soak it all in, I have no idea what is next but I do know I am beyond grateful for the past 16 months.

For anyone interested in the “smarter beauty products” they will be on sale at 50% off through friday! Just go to the Bona Clara site for orders!

BostInno 50 on Fire


Bona Clara’s CEO was nominated for BostInno 50 on Fire for Bostons inventors, disruptors, luminaries and newsmakers across all industries.

Jasmina was one of the finalists so we got to celebrate with her and  Boston’s brightest at the Moakley Courthouse which by the way was the most beautifully built building I have seen in Boston.





Jasmina didn’t win this year but we had a blast!!



Its all in the details

I hate to admit but growing up in a town just outside of Brimfield Ma with a mother who couldn’t collect enough antiques (which I considered junk), she would pull over on on any road if she saw a sign with furnature on the lawn, all I remember is thinking you are going to kill me with embarrassment…  I was a bit jaded to just how cool some of the pieces you can find really are.

Fast Forward to me at 25… I am in an apartment in Boston with my BFFL + I am finally ready to start purchasing things here and there that I will have for a long time. My friend Lauren, an interior designer with the most amazing eye had a white hutch in her small apmt that she used for her tv and storage underneath. I was desperate for something like it! Naturally the next time I was home I told Memre what I was looking for, before I knew it she had canceled dinner plans and we were on the hunt. After about 5 stores I came across this beauty:

photo 2

So, what do I do… wait another week till black friday + then purchase at $100 less than the asking price + beg good Ole Pepe to help a sister out + bring this piece back to Beantown.

photo 1

It fits perfect in our large (very large for the Northend) living room with brick walls. The details are my favorite, I feel like such an adult actually investing in something other than IKEA.

photo 1

The Queen of Princess House

I had the opportunity to meet a goddess in the corporate direct sales world today, Miss. Connie Tang, the first woman CEO of th 50+ year old company, Princess House. She has worked at Clinique, Lancome, BeautiControl and JAFRA to expand sales forces and open forign markets.


“I’m a tried and true believer of the power of direct sales to enable women from all walks of life to become their best selves,” Ms. Tang remarked. “With the rich legacy that Princess House has built in providing superior product and income opportunities to tens of thousands of women and families, I look forward to building on our success and growth as we enter our next 50 years. It’s an exciting time to move Princess House forward by reaching out to women who want more and want to be more.”

She was well versed on so many levels of this industry, from the actual product sizes, to continuity programs to making branding changes, it was no surprise she is one of the most successful woman in direct sales. I love when I get to meet woman like this, its not just inspiring but so surreal!




I recently read an article in Glamor by Debora Spar the president of Bernard College on being “superwoman” and the stigma that woman face in the do it all century that we live in.  They listed several strategies for facing the new standards, my favorite include:

Staying close to home: as things get tough being near the people you need the most is always comforting

 Commit to a work out regimine: Jessica Herin CEO of Stella Dot says she have the time to NOT run every day. Its the time she clears her head, with out that the entire day is counterproductive.

Pick a job you love: thank God this is one thing I can cross off.


Its strange to think about this work life balance and sometimes I fear I love my job so much that Ill be looking at my life in ten years with great success in my career and no family to share it with. Sometimes I do wonder, can we really have it all?




foudnign leader

I am so excited to be a part of Bona Clara as they really define their leaders and the woman who will have a hand in shaping the future of the company. The feeling as I mentioned the other day is so hard to describe. The woman “founding leaders” attract are the most ambitious, smart business woman I have ever met. I feel like I am a HUGE part of something thats going to EXPLODE!! We are planning SO much travel for this month I dont even know how I am going to keep up with it all! I am beyond excited (incase I havent said it 10x already). Ill keep you posted on the cities ill be visiting! How on earth did I get so LUCKY!?!?

xo Frankie

If I was a gambling (wom)an

Last night we promoted our second director, first senior director and I FINALLY promoted my first brand manager. This was followed up by a day of AMAZING calls with inspirational woman who are so hard working and smart it gives me goosebumps.

The feeling I get from working in the home office of Bona Clara is unlike anything I have ever felt before and I am pretty sure is what makes me so very in love with not only my job but this company and the direct sales industry in general.


There is something about the woman in this industry that just belive in themselves, in the raw and un altered drive within their soul, they know whatever goal they set, if they want it bad enough they will get it. Surrounding myself with people like this is what makes me so excited to get up and go to work every day. The part of me that not just wants this to work but KNOWS it will work, its the belife in the oh so natural ambition that only certain people posses. I am so blessed to be a part of this company… cheers to the woman of Bona Clara!