of Job Hunting

Since my company closed at the end of January I have been slowly dipping my toes into the job hunting pool… today as I sat across from a few of the smartest women that I had the pleasure to work with at my company, I was listening to their interview experiences of the last few weeks and thinking job hunting is like dating, and I think that’s why I am sucking at it.


 Set the bar high: after all I deserve it right?

Make them feel important: each person needs to feel special.

Be available: but not too available.

Respond in a timely fashion: but not to quick after you receive an email, after all you dont want to look desperate.

This is what you want: you need to tell them all you want them/this more than anything, even if you have to say the same thing tomorrow to a different person.

Always better and less awkward when you’re introduced by a mutual friend than just clicking “send” online, but in desperate hopes to find something that will make you happy again, and fill the void, you do it anyways .

Ugh… no wonder why I haven’t jumped in with both feet just yet… I think ill keep “wading” at the edge of this pool till I am ready.