Clarisonic Mia Sonic


Being a self proclaimed  “marketers dream”  I have tried a TON of skin care products, cleansers, toners, masks you name it. I have to say the ONE thing that has made a huge difference in my skin care routine is my Clarisonic brush. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, removing all the makeup and actually cleaning my face and not leaving a bit of cleanser left on my face. Not to mention, it makes all cleansers last at least 2x as long, you can use the smallest amount!


I purchased mine months ago, now there are several types with different settings! What is the one part of your beauty routine you think  has made a difference for you?

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  1. sincerelyberkley says:

    I couldn’t agree more, the Clarisonic Mia is a dream. It actually made my “must haves” list, I’d love if you checked it out!! Shoot me some feed back!

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