Clean eating, so what can you eat?

I recently read an article about Gewneth Paltrow and how eating clean has changed her bid, mood, skin and over all life. I mean I look st this glowing star and think whatever he is doing must work… But if you cut gluten, sugar, dairy and all things processed what in the world DO you eat?!??!? I have ordered one of her cook books so I will be sure to let you know. I mean, but look at her, she is flawless, her skin, her body, everything is perfect. I think by now I know, you cant put bad things into your body and expect to get anything good out of it.

She also said something I found to be very interesting. She doesn’t live by these strict eating regulations daily, instead this is something she does for 3-4 weeks at a time 4x per year, almost as a way to cleanse. This seems to be something I could put in the “possible” circle.

Gwyneth Paltrow Presents 'Boss Nuit PourFemme' Fragrance



I have to include this last thought. Maybe it’s the writer but Gwen seems like such a cool gal, she joked that her friends call her for advice she thinks because she has been through so much herself – or she says “maybe it’s because I was the first to be able to afford therapy!

I love anyone who doesn’t take themselves to seriously. Have you ever tried “clean eating”?