How to find that date

I have been working with Shannon Darcy, a Bona Clara brand rep for a few months now. I have grown to truly love, respect and admire her outlook on life and her general mind set about so many things.


A new blogger herself, I always read what she has to say “How I found that “date” was one that caught my eye. She has many Eastern beliefs and one of them is Feng Shui, she used this to arrange her life and home to be more welcoming to the things she wanted to come to her.


Its gotten me thinking…

Maybe its time to start to clear out things in my life that add clutter. I think over the past few months I have been making an effort to do that but I have become more and more interested in the power of your mind + really manifesting what you want in life – you can do it – you just have to make room for it.

How do you make room for the things you want in life?