The Green Queen

One of the best things that has happend to Coutney in the last few years is she has found her true passion and love for healthy living – most evidently, healthy eating.  From her green smoothes to coconut oil to home made salad dressings, she has tweaked all of her favorite flavors into the healthier versions of her favorite recipes.

We got to watch as she prepared a green smoothie for us IMG_4169

she starts with unsweetened almond milk

IMG_4162she filled the blender with two handfuls of dinosaur kale, peeled from the center spine as she calls it, she explained that dinosaur kale is easier for the blender and thats why she prefers that. She added assorted mixed greens and a splash of water and blended.

IMG_4163Then peeled about three bananas, she said the browner, the sweeter and the more enzymes which means its better for you. She gave me a tip, if they start to go too brown you can cut them up and freeze them.  She added a pink lady apple and two pears, with the skin still intact, thats where the fiber is. IMG_4167and blended it all together.


I LOVED them! They were delish and I cant wait to try to make my own.

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