Salt Lake City – Sustainability Redefined

We arrived in Salt Lake City to my middle school and high school best friend and I cant even explain the feeling that came over me to be able to spend two days with her. She was so excited to have us and you could tell as the joy was literally pouring out of her with every smile, squeal and pep in her step. She opened the door to her perfect little home (white picket fence and all) with such joy and gave us each a goodie bag of samples from the store she works at.

We popped a bottle of Champagne and got ready for dinner at Eva’s which was a cute little spot downtown. We enjoyed a few different tapas and drinks and moved on to the Bodega just down the street. They are a 2013 version of a “speakeasy”. The entrance seems to be a convince store with random items but then you are let downstairs to the fabulous underground bar playing tunes on an old school record player.

IMG_4149Even the bathroom was fabulous!



Due to the strong Mormon presence in Salt Lake City there are some rules about alcohol that I wasn’t accustom to. One of which is alcohol being displayed behind the bar and all of the drinks measured as to not make drinks stronger than regulated.

Apparently we met the guy on The Bachelor that left the show named Brooks – who was super cute and very friendly. Of course I had no idea who he was and once Courtney told me who he was I immediately lost interest. He did have damn good hair though. Over all the feeling of being around her just put me in a place I don’t even know how to put into words. Sometimes in life you just make connections with people… for me, she is one of those people.