Team Travis


I attended a wake for the brother of a co-worker from my job at the bar yesterday. He was 23. He died of a brain tumor. After an hour or two of waiting in line we finally walked up the steps and into the funeral home. Immediately I was overwhelmed with that smell… the sent of flowers…. but so much more than that – its that over powering, awful smell. I waited in line, got on my knees, said and “Our Father” and hugged the family. I hugged my friend for an extra minute… I didn’t want to let her go… I got outside and talked to Bailey, about the year we have had… about how we thought we had gone through so much… but how this stuff really puts it into perspective.

I got sick, really sick, her boyfriend and roommate was deported, we went to jail, we packed his stuff, we packed her stuff, her grandfather died…. this year sucked but God … its days like that when its all put into perspective. I am lucky, we are lucky… all that stuff happened to us for a reason. What in the world could be the reason for this? All I know is the love you have for siblings is unlike any kind of love in the world. We have this connection, unmatched, un comparable, in equivalent to anything else in the world.

I am lucky and I know that….