There has been a number of changes in the management position above me since I first took my job in September. One of which was there for a few short months but I feel as though she may have been a game changer for me. I never thought of a career in social selling but this woman has done it. She has made me think differently than any other person has.

6e6b00e0c9bf4986bf749377d94116ee_2We still stay in touch and she asked me my goals for this year. I told her – she said they aren’t good enough – come back with more specific ones

I told her personally:

I will make sure I go out at least 1 weekend evening – I will not allow myself to work all weekend.


I will attend Stella + Dot Hoopla this year

I will get a promotion


I am so happy to have her as someone as a mentor if this is the career path I choose.